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The Amano MJR-7000 is a rugged calculating time clock perfect for employee punching in harsh work environments. With its 100-employee capacity, this computerized time clock is a great fit for small to medium-sized companies.

Ruggedness: 4/5


The MJR-7000's solid metal frame is one of its most important features. As one of the most rugged clocks on the market, the MJR-7000 is built to brave the elements and survive the toughest of work environments. The only step above the MJR-7000 would be a clock with a NEMA approved encasing for further protection from harsh weather conditions.

Automation Capability: 4/5


The MJR-7000 automatically calculates hours worked while separating overtime and holiday hours, making payroll a quick and easy process.

The Amano MJR-7000's Automation Features

  • Totals Hours for 100 Employees
  • Separates Overtime and Regular Hours
  • Auto Adjusts for Daylight Savings Time
  • Automatically Advances Year, Month, and Day
  • Programmable Zones for Late Arrival or Early Departure
  • Exception Marks for Tardiness, Overtime, Etc.
  • Automatic Break Deduction
  • Rounds In & Out Times
  • Accommodates Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Semi-Monthly, or Monthly Pay Periods

The MJR-7000 also contains a battery back-up to protect the clock and program data for up to 72 hours in case of a power failure.

Although this clock won't give you as many functions and options as a networked system would, it is a useful alternative for fast punching in environments where climate conditions or dirty hands might be an issue. It does not have the capability to perform any other tasks such as job tracking or shop floor automation, as it's designed to be a simple calculating time clock.

Clock Life: 5/5


The Amano MJR-7000 is one of the longest lasting time clocks on the market. This clock boats a solid metal frame and a heavy duty print head that will last for years to come. With the MJR-7000, you can have confidence that you will not need replacement parts for a very long time. Many of our MJR-7000 models have lasted 25+ years in the field without service!

It is also worth noting that the MJR-7000 comes with a 1 year manufacturer's warranty. This is the best offer in the industry; many time clocks only come with a 90 day warranty.

Employee Ease of Use: 4/5


A drop-in card slot makes the MJR-7000 time clock one of the easiest to use. There is no need to align the card before printing, as a simple drop into the slot will give the card an automatic punch. Card punching is much quicker and easier than remembering a code or trying to scan your fingerprint.

Cost of Supplies: 3/5


The upkeep cost of the MJR-7000 is below average compared to other standalone time clocks. The ribbons are at an average cost while the punch cards cost a bit more than industry average. The clock life of the MJR-7000 warrants a higher Cost of Supplies rating, due to much fewer repairs than other standalone clocks. It's durable, high quality inner components allow very few repairs and great savings for owners.

Capacity: 4/5


With the ability to calculate hours for up to 100 employees, the capacity of the MJR-7000 is "middle of the road" for these types of clocks. Cheaper standalone alternatives to the MJR-7000 will allow 50 employees to be entered into the system, while Amano's higher model MJR-8000 boasts a 250 employee capacity.

Style: 3/5


Let's just admit it: the MJR-7000 isn't exactly the Ferrari of the time clock industry. If you need your time clock to serve an aesthetic purpose, you may want to look elsewhere. Its bulky frame makes it easily noticeable and difficult to hide, and there are no fancy color options available. The MJR-7000's display is very minimal, and its keypad is very simplistic. It's quite obvious that the MJR-7000 was made for ultimate durability and convenience, not style.

Mounting: 4/5


The MJR-7000 is very easy to mount. The clock comes with a small plate that is screwed into the wall. Three screws hold the plate in place, and the clock simply snaps into the plate. One screw is put through the clock and the plate to secure it. The MJR-7000 can also be desk mounted for further convenience.

Ease of Setup: 3/5


There is bit more setup required when integrating the MJR-7000 when compared with other standalone models. Since the MJR-7000 is a calculating time clock, employees will have to be entered into the system in order for their hours to be calculated. Then the calculations need to be configured to the correct format, such as how long the day is and the start/end periods.

Expandability: 2/5


The Amano MJR-7000 is very limited when it comes to expansion. An extra relay board can be added to the MJR-7000 to allow for a bell ringing function. This clock does not support expandable memory capacity or access control. If looking for a rugged time clock with high employee capacity, the MJR-8000 would be a better choice.

Price: 3/5



The Amano MJR-7000 is one of our more expensive time clocks when it comes to standalone systems. Its rugged design and calculating ability give it a higher price compared to average standalone clocks. While it’s at the higher end of the price spectrum, the cost is well worth the MJR-7000’s top-notch ruggedness and comprehensive calculating ability.

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