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The Amano PIX-200 is one of the easiest time clocks to set-up and use. Its sleek, compact design makes it a good addition to any office or indoor business setting. The PIX-200 comes with plenty of print options, and its atomic clock ensures that you will always have accurate time readings.

Ruggedness: 3/10


The Amano PIX-200 is not made to be a rugged time clock. Its entire casing is made of plastic, not metal, which may cause issues in harsh work environments. The design of this clock is intended more for indoor office use than that of a construction site or industrial facility.

Automation Capability: 5/10


The Amano PIX-200 is not a calculating time clock, but a regular electronic time clock. This means that it does adjust date and time automatically, but it does not calculate hours for each employee.

The PIX-200's internal atomic clock ensures the correct time is always displayed and recorded.

Amano PIX-200 Features

  • Ability to receive the signal from atomic clock
  • Automatically changes year, month, date and Daylight Saving Time
  • Ribbon ink capacity indicator
  • Programmable print format in regular or military time
  • Prints time in minutes, tenths or hundredths
  • 31 selectable preset imprint format options
  • 13 selectable comments (RCVD, SENT etc.)
  • 6 languages (Eng, Spa, Ger, Ita, Fre, Por)
  • Customized comment imprint (up to 3 lines)
  • Consecutive numbering with automatic reset function
  • Top mount button for manual printing
  • Battery backup

The PIX-200 is great for simply punching employee cards with accurate time readings. If you are looking for further automation for payroll, scheduling, manufacturing, or access control you should look into buying a Networked Time Clock.

Clock Life: 7/10


The PIX-200 is not one of our most durable clock designs, but it can still last years in the field if it is not tampered with. Considering its brittle plastic casing, the clock will last much longer indoors and is not recommended for outdoor use.

It is also worth noting that the MJR-7000 comes with a 1 year manufacturer's warranty. Many time clocks only come with a 90 day warranty, so this is a plus for the PIX-200.

Employee Ease of Use: 6/10


When it comes to employee convenience, the PIX-200 ranks a little bit lower on the list. Compared to other timecard punching machines, this clock can be a bit more of a pain to deal with. The punch card has to be lined up correctly to punch, instead of simple drop-in mechanisms.

Card punching machines are more convenient than punching a combination of a key card and biometric scan, but are not as easy as a proximity card reader.

Cost of Supplies: 8/10


The cost of supplies for the Amano PIX-200 rates about average for other time clocks. The only supplies needed are time cards and replacement ink ribbons. It does not require more expensive punch cards or any additional equipment.

Capacity: Not Applicable

Capacity is not applicable with the Amano PIX-200 as it cannot record individual employee data. This time clock simply punches a card with the time in and out, without calculating employee hours. If you need a time clock to keep track of employees' hours, you will need to purchase a calculating employee time clock instead.

Style: 6/10


The Amano PIX-200 is a bit more stylish than most standalone time clocks. It has a compact square frame, colored in deep blue and off-white. It has a large LED display in comparison to most standalone models, which shows the current date and time. The PIX-200 has a clear plastic shield over the display which serves as protection, but can easily be scratched or smudged by fingerprints. Some of the clock's internal components are revealed through the right front corner of the clear plastic casing. The print window is illuminated for added convenience and efficiency.

A key lock on top of the clock provides security to the clock's settings interface. Only authorized personnel will be able to tamper with the PIX-200's settings.

Mounting: 8/10


Mounting the PIX-200 is very easy. This time clock comes with a mounting plate that is screwed into the wall with three screws. The clock simply snaps onto the mounting plate, and is then secured by one more screw.

The Amano PIX-200 can also be desk mounted for added convenience, though it may run a security risk of theft or vandalism.

Ease of Setup: 9/10


When it comes to set-up, the PIX-200 is one of the easiest time clocks to use. Preparing the PIX-200 is as simple as plugging it in and setting your desired print format. The atomic clock will automatically set the correct time and employees will be able to punch in and out immediately.

Expandability: 3/10


The Amano PIX-200 does not come with many expandability options. Among them are a full power reserve in case of power failure and USB communication.

Amano PIX-200 Optional Features

  • Full Power Reserve (72 hours or 400 punches)
  • External Signal Device (Up to 20 Weekly Programs)
  • Ethernet LAN Synchronization to NTP Server
  • USB Communication for Programming via Software Interface

Price: 1/10


Amano's PIX-200 is one of the most affordable time clocks on the market. This is a great price for the convenience and reliability the PIX-200 has to offer.

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