Lathem DWA4021 Time Clock with Bell Ringer

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14.00 LBS
  • Lathem DWA4021 Time Clock with Bell Ringer


Lathem DWA4021 Mechanical Time Clock - Discontinued

Employee Time Clock with Built-In Bell Ringer

Lathem's DWA4021 mechanical time clock is a rugged device that can be programmed to automatically ring bells or sound horns to signal the end of a shift, for example. A weekly bell ringing schedule can be programmed with the internal keypad, with up to 32 signals per day.

The DWA4021 time clock prints the day of the week, as well as standard time (hours and minutes). Featuring an easy-to-read digital display, Lathem's DWA4021 prints on any standard time card.

This mechanical time clock has language wheels for English, French, and Spanish to accommodate non-English time and attendance functionality.

Lathem DWA4021 Time Clock with Bell Ringer

  • Rugged Steel Design for Demanding Environments
  • Key Lock to Prevent Tampering
  • Heavy-Duty Synchronous Motor Built to Last
  • Coined Steel Wheels Provide Reliable Printing
  • Wall or Table Mounting
  • Red Digital Clock Display
  • Two-Color Printing
  • Right-Hand Printing Along Edge of Any Size Time Card or Form (Left-Hand Printing Optional)
  • Prints Day & Time (Hours & Minutes - Year Wheel Optional)
  • Automatic Ribbon Reversal at End of Spool Extends Life of Ribbon
  • English, Spanish, or French Language Wheels Available
  • Internal Keypad for Programming Weekly Bell Schedule (32 Signals / Day Max)
  • Internal 10 Amp Solid-State AC Relay to Control Bells or Horns
  • Certifications: UL & CSA Approved
  • One Year Warranty

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