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ACA and PBJ Reporting to CMS


If you're still struggling with the new ACA requirements for the Payroll-Based Journal reporting to CMS, you're not alone.

CMS began collecting staffing and census data from nursing home and long term care facilities beginning in July of 2016, with the first report due for that reporting period in October. Providers who meet the "requirements for participation" must submit the detail of all hours paid to direct care staff (excluding paid time off). using specific fields and codes including Employee ID, Hire Date, Termination date, pay code type, labor category code and paid hours by day excluding paid time off as well as census data

Many of the systems we sell and support have addressed PBJ reporting and have created new modules that allow for the automated capture of this data and creation of the XML file that can be uploaded to CMS, eliminating the need for manual data entry.

For more information about these products, contact our sales department or your support representative.

Rapidprint Time Stamps Federal GSA contract GS-25F-0080M provides government agencies substantial discounts.

New England Time Solutions is pleased to be a Rapidprint authorized participant in the current Federal GSA contract for their Time Stamp products and services, contract # GS-25F-0080M.As a participant, we provide the negotiated discounted prices for all Rapidprint product as listed in the contact document and are listed as an authorized service dealer for their products.For [...]

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Keep Track Of Employees with Biometric Time Clocks

Keeping track of your employees can be hard, especially as your once small company becomes bigger than ever. Fortune 500 companies can’t track their employees unless they use a reliable time & attendance system that they can count on. If this sounds like something your company is in need of, then you need NE Time [...]

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Benefits of Tracking Hours

Are you looking for a way to keep track of your employees without thinking twice? When you visit NE Time Solutions you will be able to find just that, and more! For many businesses, is it a must to clock in and out for work, and at other companies, it isn’t necessary. Today we will [...]

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Time and Attendance Systems that Offer True Integration

Seamless integration. Often promised, rarely delivered. Much like the Holy Grail, the concept of complete and functional interface has been sought after by office managers everywhere. With little avail. Though many time and attendance systems claim to work "seamlessly" with Quickbooks for easy bookkeeping capabilities, just a few do so with little frustration, fulfilling that [...]

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Beyond the Time Clock: True Time Management Skills that Increase Productivity

If time is money than it's easy to see why businesses in every industry is constantly looking for ways to save it, to use it wisely and to get more out of it. As one of the biggest costs to businesses, ineffective time management costs American businesses billions of dollars in lost man hours and [...]

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The Best in Time and Attendance Systems

When time is of the essence (and when is it not in the business world), having more than just a wall clock to help you manage it is key. Supervisors and managers have always been looking for better ways to track and manage their team member's attendance and time since, well, perhaps the dawn of [...]

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Managing Time with Wall Clocks, Time Clocks and Discipline

How to effectively manage time is an ongoing conundrum at almost every business office and continues to flummox both individuals and supervisors alike.  At NE Time Solutions we specialize in time management. Of course, we do so with the most effective and comprehensive selection of wall clocks, time clocks and access control systems available online. [...]

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Access Control Systems That Have Your Business Secured

Total security for your entire facility isn't plausible if your off-hours guard plants himself at a preferred post and foregoes patrolling the area. To make sure that areas are secure, facilities are in working order and no hazards or emergencies have presented themselves, a comprehensive and timely patrol of the facility and its grounds is [...]

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How Time Clocks Can Help Your Business be More Efficient

Though a time clock can seem, to the average worker, like a means of keeping tabs on the workforce, utilizing a time clock can help a business owner to actually run his business more efficiently. Other than simply knowing when your work force is coming and leaving the workplace, a well-documented time management system can [...]

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