ACA and PBJ Reporting to CMS

If you're still struggling with the new ACA requirements for the Payroll-Based Journal reporting to CMS, you're not alone.

CMS began collecting staffing and census data from nursing home and long term care facilities beginning in July of 2016, with the first report due for that reporting period in October. Providers who meet the "requirements for participation" must submit the detail of all hours paid to direct care staff (excluding paid time off). using specific fields and codes including Employee ID, Hire Date, Termination date, pay code type, labor category code and paid hours by day excluding paid time off as well as census data

Many of the systems we sell and support have addressed PBJ reporting and have created new modules that allow for the automated capture of this data and creation of the XML file that can be uploaded to CMS, eliminating the need for manual data entry.

For more information about these products, contact our sales department or your support representative.

9th Jan 2017

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