Time and Attendance Systems that Offer True Integration

time and attendance systems

Seamless integration. Often promised, rarely delivered. Much like the Holy Grail, the concept of complete and functional interface has been sought after by office managers everywhere. With little avail. Though many time and attendance systems claim to work "seamlessly" with Quickbooks for easy bookkeeping capabilities, just a few do so with little frustration, fulfilling that promise of simple integration. These time and attendance systems by Lathem remove the issues normally seen in standard time clocks and interact in a truly seamless way with your Quickbooks system. They can be configured to your company's specific requirements by NE Time Solutions experts as they will work hand-in-hand with you to find the set-up that works best for you and your organization. These systems can accommodate up to 1,000 employees and often cost less than $1000 for both equipment and software. 

Being able to make the choice in time and attendance systems, and not having to use an outside payroll company's required systems is just one outstanding advantage of NE Time Solutions integrated systems. You'll never be locked into a contract or tied to any particular payroll company while you enjoy true system integration and synchronization. Schedule a comprehensive consultation with a NE Time Solutions to find the best system equipment and software that will work within your company requirements and help you to attain that elusive seamless integration that you've been searching for. 

2nd Oct 2014 Admin

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