Detex Guard Tour Solutions

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New England Time Solutions offers the best prices on the most popular guard tour tracking equipment available today. Detex Proxipen and Reliant Systems have become the benchmark for quality guard management and patrol accountability, we offer everything you need to get started and the parts and supplies you need to keep you going year after year.

Industry Examples:

Security Firms

Keep your guards accountable and show your clients you’re the best in the business by implementing a guard tour system on their property that offers daily or weekly reports on guard activities & incidents for both your clients, and your own peace of mind.

Property Management

Make sure your guards or managers are keeping your property secure, and following proper safety procedures by placing stations on important areas and equipment like breaker boxes, furnaces, emergency exits & more. You can confirm these areas are checked at the correct frequency to keep your property safe, and have records for insurance companies if an issue was to occur.

Construction Sites

Expensive equipment and tools are the backbone of any construction project, make sure your site and assets are protected by requiring your guards to check important areas and equipment on a regular basis. Report on those activities and feel confident in the accountability a guard tour system creates.