Detex Guardsman Guard Tour System

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  • Detex Guardsman Guard Tour System
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Detex Guardsman Guard Tour System - Discontinued, only supplies available

The Guardsman, unlike most watch clocks, provides an uninterrupted record of a watchman's activities for up to 120 hours.

For your company, the guardsman system's extended time-keeping capacity translates into total control and accountability for weekends, holidays and plant closings, as well as routine overnight patrols. The advancement of the tape is synchronized with the clock mechanism, so that consecutive station registrations appear as an unbroken band of numbers; missed stations appear as conspicuous gaps.

The Guardsman boasts rugged construction, including a die-cast aluminum housing, heat-treated crystal, and a riveted and reinforced case of harness leather.


  • Provides motivation for security officers to perform their assigned rounds, plus conclusive documentation that they have done so
  • Easy to install using simple tools - a drill and a screwdriver
  • Helps reduce the risk of fire, burglary, vandalism and industrial mishaps
  • Guard tour systems typically reduce business insurance rates
  • Uninterrupted time-keeping for up to 120 hours
  • Highly accurate eight-day shock resistant movement with 11-jeweled escapement
  • Accommodates up to 40 stations
  • Requires winding only once per week
  • And much more


  • Guardsman Watchclock - GDS-12
  • Key Stations
  • Indoor/outdoor - SDC-90 (Cycolac® thermoplastic), SDA-90 (Powder-coated cast aluminum)
  • Institutional - SSKL-90 (drawn steel with cover lock) or SSK-90 (drawn steel)
  • Tapes - BX-Tapes