Time & Attendance System Implementation Services
New England Time Solutions

New England Time Solutions offers comprehensive implementation services for time and attendance systems, as well as guard tour systems. We're happy to work with your team at any level - whether you want complete turnkey system implementation or an expert to assist your technical team.

Implementation services include hardware and software setup and configuration. Since 1970, we've provided our valued New England customers with fast on-site implementation services; or, when appropriate, remote services.

Time & Attendance System Implementation Services

  • Establish Project Scope
  • Import Employee Data
  • Complete Employee Profile Information
  • Configure Internal Policies & Pay Rules
  • Department / Group Structure
  • Rounding Policies
  • Grace Periods
  • Pay Periods
  • Overtime Policies
  • Shift Differentials
  • Holiday List
  • Absence Rules
  • Benefit Accruals
  • Other Defined Rules
  • Establish Desired Payroll Export
  • Verify Payroll, ERP, Etc. System Interoperability
  • Hardware Installation & Verification
  • Pilot with Focus Group (Optional)

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