Nationwide Time Stamp Repair

New England Time is proud to now offer time stamp repair for the following brands from anywhere in the country:

  • Simplex
  • Rapidprint
  • Lathem
  • Widmer
  • Acroprint

How Depot Service Works:

  • Fill out the simple form below to give us some information about the issue you are experiencing with your time stamp and the location the time stamp needs to be picked up from.
  • One of our technicians will contact you to go over the entire process and what you can expect, then a prepaid UPS label will be emailed to the email address you provide below.
  • One of our experienced technicians will examine the time stamp as soon as we receive it and try to duplicate the issue you've described.
  • Once they determine the issue they will contact you with the cost of the parts required to fix your machine.
  • With your approval the repairs will be completed, the machine completely disassembled, thoroughly cleaned and the time stamp will be run on our test bench for 24-48 hours to ensure it is working properly, and then it will be shipped back to your location via UPS.