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Referral Program

Current customers of New England Time Solutions are always welcome to refer colleagues. Our valued customers receive a $50 gift card of their choice (or can donate $50 to the charity of their choice) when a referral purchases a new system from New England Time Solutions. Minimum purchase applies.

Hardware Trade-in Program

Since New England Time Solutions repairs old time clocks and uses them as loaners when a customer needs repairwork, we offer incentives for customers who'd like to trade-in their old hardware. Please contact us to find out exactly how much you can save on new hardware when you trade-in your old gear.

Time America Hardware Trade-in Incentives

Time America announced that two of their oldest time clocks would be retired at the end of 2010. All models of the TA520 time clock and the TA620 Version 6 (TA620 Version 5 had been previously retired) are now end-of-life.

To ease the transition, we have been stockpiling repair parts and loan units to ensure we meet our contractual obligations. However, we will not be able to renew any support contracts on these terminals beyond this year.

We're now offering special incentives and pricing on new terminals - including low cost bar code, magnetic stripe, and biometric terminals - that will seamlessly integrate with your TA100 Pro and Genesis Pro software packages:


List Price

TA520 Trade-in

TA620 Trade-in





















Other Sales & Incentives

Learn more about the advantages of working with New England Time Solutions.

Please contact us for further information. We regularly post trade-in offers, time clock sales, and other promotions, so check back soon for new offers.

Note: Only one promotion accepted per company per month.