Systems Integration


Time & Attendance System Integration Services
New England Time Solutions

As an unbiased time and attendance system integrator carrying all major systems, New England Time Solutions can integrate your time and attendance system with nearly any payroll software, ERP software, MRP software, database, or other business system. With our experience integrating time and attendance systems over the past 40 years, we're able to provide you with complete interoperability between your systems to eliminate data entry redundancy and offer you with real-time insight into your workforce.

Switch Time & Attendance without Switching Payroll

If your current time and attendance provider is your payroll company, you're probably already aware of some of the drawbacks. Renting time clocks indefinitely. Locked into long-term contracts. The perception that you can only use their time and attendance system.

At New England Time Solutions, you're never locked into unfair, restricting contracts. You can switch payroll providers without changing your time and attendance system. Or, you can change your time and attendance system without changing your payroll. Better yet, you can keep all historical data to ensure compliance with state and federal mandates.

With our large selection of time and attendance products, you can rest assured we can integrate to your payroll system. Not only will your time and attendance / payroll process be completely automated, but all of your data between systems will be synchronized.

Integrate with ERP, MRP, & Other Business Systems

New England Time Solutions offers time and attendance solutions that integrate with nearly any business system. Enjoy complete synchronization between systems for maximum return on investment.

LaborVIEW SaaS time and attendance software, for instance, is extremely versatile and is interoperable with nearly all ERP systems, MRP systems, databases, and other business systems. We highly recommend LaborVIEW for integration with manufacturing, food production, and other business systems.