Acumen LaborVIEW Time & Attendance Software

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  • LaborVIEW Time & Attendance Software from Acumen Data Systems
  • WebCLOCK Web Browser-Based Employee Time & Attendance Software
  • LaborVIEW Calendar Module
  • LaborVIEW Time & Attendance Software from Acumen Data Systems
  • WebCLOCK Web Browser-Based Employee Time & Attendance Software
  • LaborVIEW Calendar Module
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Employee Time & Attendance Software as a Service (SaaS)
New England Time Solutions

LaborVIEW SaaS Time & Attendance Software from Acumen Data Systems

With LaborVIEW, you are empowered with the most robust, flexible, and interoperable SaaS time and attendance software available. At New England Time Solutions, we've integrated just about every time and attendance software solution out there - but none come close to the robust features and reporting capabilities of LaborVIEW. We highly recommend Acumen's SaaS time and attendance software to all of our valued customers across New England.

Powerful SaaS Time & Attendance

LaborVIEW time and attendance software from Acumen Data Systems

With Acumen's employee time and attendance software, you can quickly and easily create an unlimited number of rules governing time rounding, punch grace periods, pay rules, benefits, and much more by employee, position, group, or division. The flexibility of the software is incredible - you can rename every field in the software to fit the exact setup of your company.

Acumen's SaaS time and attendance software also allows you to customize the language displayed in the software for any employee. Ideal for non-English speaking employees, this powerful feature truly sets Acumen's employee time and attendance software apart from all others.

Easily Manage Time & Attendance

  • Employee Punches
  • Vacation & Sick Days
  • Overtime Pay
  • Benefit Accruals
  • Tips

Real-Time Dashboard

  • Employee In/Out Status
  • Email or IM Employee
  • Manager's Approval of Employees' Punches
  • In/Out Pie Chart

Employee Scheduling

With Acumen's SaaS time and attendance software, you can establish as many standard employee scheduless as you'd like. You can also quickly and easily establish a default schedule for employees.

Union Rules, Non-Profit Automation, & Advanced Policies

An extremely powerful time and attendance software as a service application, LaborVIEW supports the establishment of advanced policies such as union rules. LaborVIEW SaaS time and attendance can also automate the attribution of employee time toward specific funding sources (e.g. a grant) for non-profit organizations.

LaborVIEW time and attendance software from Acumen Data Systems

The Most Flexible Employee Time & Attendance Software

Acumen's employee time and attendance software is completely customizable as a rules-based system. Allowing you to set user-definable rules by employee, group, division, and many other designations, the employee time and attendance software enables you to set these rules for everything from time rounding to punch grace periods to overtime pay rules. Nearly every feature and report detail is able to be customized to fit your exact needs.

Complete Synchronization

  • Any Payroll System
  • Any MRP System
  • Any Database
  • Any 'Open System' Time Clock

Real-Time SaaS

  • 99.9% Uptime
  • Free Updates
  • Accessible Anywhere
  • Secure Data Centers

Acumen's employee time and attendance software also enables you to customize exactly what information each employee can view and edit.

The customizability of the software doesn't stop there. You are also able to rename all fields and labels - so if your company calls Departments "Cost Centers," for example, you can ensure it matches your company's terminology.

Acumen's employee time and attendance software also enables you to set the language of the employee interface by employee, location, department, and much more. That way, multilingual or international employees can view it in their preferred language. Unlimited settings can be defined to suit any need.

Compliant Employee Time & Attendance Software

Acumen's time and attendance software also helps you meet regulatory compliance mandates by ensuring accuracy, reliability, and access to historical records. LaborVIEW ensures compliance with Sarbanes Oxley, DCAA, and FairPay Rules - and more. And the convenient Audit Trail lets you know who made changes, when, and what was changed (both before and after the change).

Technical Information

LaborVIEW offers rules-based employee time and attendance functionality, enabling administrators to create user-definable rules for all employees. Acumen's employee time and attendance software supports both web-enabled time clocks and legacy time clocks - which can use special software for data communication.

LaborVIEW can function either as a batch or real-time system based on your needs. Additional modules are available to synchronize with payroll systems, ERP systems, MRP systems, and other business systems. Nearly all business systems can be synchronized with Acumen's time and attendance software.

Data replication can be performed from database to database, application to web service, web service to web service, ASCII-separated file transfer (via file transfer protocol; newer methods such as XML/HTML via web services are also supported), and other common protocols. Legacy and common import / export data transfer methods are supported.

All browsers are supported, including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, and mobile device browsers.

Real-Time Dashboard Features

  • Employee In/Out Status
  • Group
  • Department
  • Manager’s Approval of Employees’ Punches
  • Email or IM Employee
  • In / Out Status Graph
  • Project Activity – Active Graph
  • Project Activity – Idle Graph
  • Break Status Graph
  • Recent Activity (Reports and Payroll Exports)
  • Search Function
  • View Filters and Sort Options
  • Color Coded for Quick Viewing (In, Out, Idle)
  • Clicking on Employee Name Opens Their Timecard
  • Adjustable Refresh Rate (Real-Time Capability)
  • View All Employees, Active Employees, Clocked-In Employees, or Idle Employees

Basic Features

  • Employee Information
  • Division
  • Group
  • Position
  • Location
  • Seniority
  • Supervisor
  • Employee Punches
  • Vacation Days
  • Sick Days
  • Breaks
  • Benefit Accruals
  • Projects and Labor
  • Pay Categories
  • Shift Differentials
  • Overtime Pay
  • Punch Grace Periods
  • Punch Rounding
  • Supervisor Approval of Punches
  • Excused Days (i.e. Bereavement or Jury Duty)
  • Demerit Points
  • Tips
  • Establish Maximum Hours

Advanced Features

  • Event Manager Emails You when Event is Triggered
  • Late / Missing Punch
  • Demerit Limit Exceeded
  • Extra Breaks
  • Time Off Requests
  • New / Activated Employees
  • Early Out Punch
  • Time Off Overage
  • Many More
  • Create Rules for Vacation Time Accrual
  • Create Rules for Other Benefits
  • View Attendance Time Approval
  • Review Off-Time Punches
  • Manage Requests for Time Off
  • Restrict Days and Times Employees can Punch In
  • Allow Employees to Approve Punches
  • Create Default Schedules
  • Establish Skills or Certifications and Create Rules for Coverage (e.g. Two Managers Must Cover Each Shift)
  • Create Rules for Minor Employees
  • View and Set School Days
  • Create Email Templates
  • Set Pay Periods for Any Dates
  • View Email and IM History
  • Establish Exactly what Information Employees can View by Department, Group, Position Type, or Employee
  • Option to Sync with Active Directory

Timecard Features

  • View Transactions in Real Time
  • Multiple Sort & Filter Options
  • Time Breakdown by REG, OT1, OT2, Excused, & Breaks
  • Search Employees by First Name, Last Name, Clock ID, & Payroll ID
  • View Data by Pay Periods
  • View Task Transactions in the Same Screen
  • Capability to Customize Timecard Screen to Display Employees Assigned to Specific Supervisor Only

Extensive Time & Attendance Reporting

  • 35 Standard Reports
  • Timecard Report
  • Timecard Totals Report
  • Break Time Report
  • Project Time Report
  • Managers’ Approval of Employee Punches
  • Excused Time Report
  • Hours Analysis Report
  • Pay Rules Report
  • Attendance Calendar Report
  • Employee Benefits Report
  • Monthly Overview Report
  • Approaching Overtime Report
  • Department Report
  • Group Report
  • Pay Categories Report
  • Missing Punch Report
  • Many More
  • Auditor Report
  • Customizable Reports on Any Data Collected
  • Save as PDF
  • Export as Excel / CSV
  • Many Sort & Filter Options