TimeTrak TRAX Rugged Time Clock

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  • TimeTrak TRAX Rugged Time Clock
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TimeTrak TRAX Time Clock

TimeTrak's rugged TRAX time clock features a NEMA IP65 rating, which means it is totally protected against dust, as well as low-pressure water jets from any direction! The chassis is also fire-resistant, to ABS-VO specifications, making it one of the most rugged time clocks we carry.

TimeTrak's TRAX offers flexibility when it comes to clocking. Magnetic stripe, barcode, and proximity clocking are all available.

This rugged time clock must be used with TimeTrak's time and attendance software.

While remaining quite cost effective, TimeTrak's TRAX time clock features advanced functionality, including bell control (to denote the end of a shift or the end of a class in a school setting) and door access control. Employee self-service functionality is also available directly from the terminal. The time clock can also be customized to provide the specific functionality you require.

TimeTrak TRAX Time Clock: Features

  • Complete Integration in Networked Environments (WAN or LAN)
  • Configurable Functionality
  • Bell Relay (Scheduled)
  • Door Relay (Transactional)
  • Period to Date Hours Lookup
  • Poll Recovery
  • Last Punch Lookup
  • Employee Message Display
  • Automatic Daylight Savings Time Adjustment
  • Duplicate Punch Detection

TimeTrak TRAX Time Clock: Clocking Options

  • Magnetic Stripe: ISO trak 2
  • Barcode: IR (EAN, I2/5, C39, C128, EAN128)
  • Proximity:
  • RFID 125 KHz reader for 64 bit read only, EM4102 compatible tags
  • RFID LEGIC® reader for advant ISO 15693 & 14443A, and "prime" multiapplication cards
  • RFID 13.56 MHz reader, for MIFARE®, ISO 14443A/B and ISO15693 cards (UID only)
  • RFID HID for read-only 125 KHz HID 26/37 bit cards (H10301, H10304, H10320)

TimeTrak TRAX Time Clock: Specifications


128 x 64 graphic, superTwist white LED, backlit


Membrane type, dust and splash proof. 20 keys with tactile action, guaranteed for 2 million operations.


  • 512 KB SRAM for file system and variables
  • 256 KB flash for O.S. and reloadable firmware
  • 32 KB bootloader


Single tone buzzer


  • Ethernet: RJ45 connector 10BaseT - UDP/IP. PoE (Power Over Ethernet) compatibility
  • RS232: optoisolated 1200, 2400, 4800 or 9600 Baud. On extractable screw-connector block
  • RS485 (NET92): can be used for master or slave RS485 applications. On extractable screw-connector block
  • WLAN 802.11b version: internally connected via RS485. EtherLite/UDP compatible

Internal Reader

Magnetic ISO track 2, I.R.barcode, or proximity: 125KHz read only EM4102 comp., or HID; ISO 14443A Mifare®, LEGIC® advant and 15693.

Auxiliary Reader

RJ11 connector for external barcode reader (pens, CCD, laser, barcode slot readers, EAN, I2/5, C39, C128, EAN128). Alternatively for optional secondary Magstripe or RFID reader.


Input: 1 digital (optocoupled) + 1 (for open/close contact) if RS232 is not used. Output: 1 relay 2A 60V - option of up to 4 Telerelays.


ABS-(VO upon request). IP65 (except for barcode version)

Power Supply

10 to 40 Vdc, 100-400 mA at 12 Vdc (version dependent)

Working Temperature

14 to 122° F
-10 to 50° C

Storage Temperature

-4 to 158° F
-20 to 70° C)


0 to 95% non condensing (barcode version)


4.72" x 7.87" x 3.94" (W, H, D)
120mm x 200mm x 100mm (W, H, D)


1.63 - 2.09 lbs (version dependent)
740 - 950g (version dependent)