TimeTrak HisTrak Historical Time & Attendance Software

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  • TimeTrak HisTrak Historical Time and Attendance Software
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HisTrak System

Time & Attendance Software with History

HisTrak, a multi-purpose product, provides hundreds of ways to analyze your business. It serves as an hours and punch exception event recorder, a flexible reporting utility, and a human resource tool. With the Accrual Earnings Module option it will also accrue and maintain up-to-the-minute Benefit Time Balances

With HisTrak, Workmen's Compensation Reports and Unemployment Reports can be completed in minutes instead of days. In addition, absence hours due to Disability and FMLA can be tracked, maintained and reported. HisTrak can even be structured to automatically accrue Overtime as Comp Time, and then automatically deduct it as the employee uses it.


  • HR Tool
  • Editable Labor Hours & Exception History
  • Benefit Accruals
  • Employee Note Page
  • File Import and Export Utilities
  • Audit Trail that Maintains a Record of All Changes Made to the Hours File or Exceptions File
  • Comprehensive and Configurable Reporting Tools

TimeTrak's time and attendance software requires the use of specific time clocks:

  • TouchProESS Biometric Fingerprint Touchscreen Time Clock
  • TRAX +F Biometric Fingerprint Time Clock with Optional Bell Relay
  • HandPunch Biometric Hand Geometry Time Clock

Please contact us to learn more about TimeTrak's time and attendance systems.