TimeTrak OmniTrak Time & Attendance Automation Software

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  • TimeTrak OmniTrak Time & Attendance Automation Software
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OmniTrak Time & Attendance System

Time & Attendance Software with HR Automation

OmniTrak acts as a supervisor in your computer, constantly monitoring information and automatically notifying you of only those situations you are concerned with, at the precise moment you want to be notified.

OmniTrak requires no manual supervisor intervention, eliminating the tedious and unnecessary manual review of volumes of labor data. It automatically updates status fields and takes appropriate actions predetermined by you, e.g., printing a warning notice upon the fifth tardiness exceeding five minutes over the last 180 rolling days. It also details each occurrence leading to the action.


  • Fair, Consistent & Timely Notification
  • Cost Effective Management, Not Available Till Now
  • Objective Review of Potential Problems (alcohol, drug or other individual issue related absenteeism and tardy attendance patterns)
  • Automate Time Consuming Point Systems
  • Reward Employees and Improve Morale with Merit system
  • Flexibility Beyond Compare

Typical OmniTrak Uses:

  • Budgeting Overages - Hours (or Dollars)
  • Excessive Overtime - Hours (or Dollars)
  • Excessive Exceptions of one type only or various types
  • Excessive Exceptions on specific days of the week
  • Data Accessibility for Your Spreadsheet and Database Programs
  • Import and Export flat ASCII files to ensure easy sharing of data with your existing spreadsheet and database programs

TimeTrak's time and attendance software requires the use of specific time clocks:

  • TouchProESS Biometric Fingerprint Touchscreen Time Clock
  • TRAX +F Biometric Fingerprint Time Clock with Optional Bell Relay
  • HandPunch Biometric Hand Geometry Time Clock

Please contact us to learn more about TimeTrak's time and attendance systems.