TimeTrak Time & Attendance Software

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  • TimeTrak Time & Attendance Software
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TimeTrak Time & Attendance Software

Simple, Easy and Affordable

Collect employee time and labor data, calculate payable hours and quickly administer employee schedules and labor costing - all according to your company's unique policies. Forward critical timekeeping data to payroll, HRIS, ERP and other backoffice applications with ease.

TimeTrak combines a simple user interface with powerful productivity and Human Resource tools, eliminating wasted time and human error associated with manual hours tracking and traditional time punch clock systems.

TimeTrak Time & Attendance Software Overview

  • Built-In Control
  • Electronic Sign-Off
  • Hourly & Salaried
  • Automation & Integration
  • Fully Integrated Speciality Modules
  • Employee Note Page
  • Custom Reporting Tool
  • Employee Empowerment & Reduced Editing
  • Labor Demand Scheduling
  • Automated Exception Email Notification

TimeTrak's time and attendance software requires the use of specific time clocks:

  • TouchProESS Biometric Fingerprint Touchscreen Time Clock
  • TRAX +F Biometric Fingerprint Time Clock with Optional Bell Relay
  • HandPunch Biometric Hand Geometry Time Clock

Please contact us to learn more about TimeTrak's time and attendance systems.