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Time Clocks for QuickBooks

Time Clocks that integrate with Quickbooks Payroll have become increasingly popular for small businesses in recent years, the ability to calculate time accurately, remove buddy punching, and export time data directly into Quickbooks has saved thousands of businesses a great deal of time and money.

We are pleased to offer only most user friendly & cost effective solutions on the market today. These time clocks all integrate with Quickbooks Desktop 2009 and later, they all include a minimum of 30 days of free support to help get you up and running, and they are manufactured by the biggest names in the time clock industry. Whether you want to see your punches in the cloud, on your smartphone, or just on your office computer, we have an option for that.

Options for every situation...

New England Time Solutions offers time clocks for every situation. From fingerprint readers, to smartphone apps we have a time clock for every business and every price range.

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Fingerprint Time Clocks    Fingerprint Time Clocks for Quickbooks

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  Pin Code Time Clocks For Quickbooks     Pin Code Time Clocks for Quickbooks

Smartphone Apps & Virtual Time ClocksSmartphone Apps & Virtual Time Clocks For Quickbooks

 Facial Recognition Time Clocks for Quickbooks    Facial Recognition Time Clocks for Quickbooks




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Is "buddy punching" an issue for your company? Facial recognition may be the answer.

Lathem CT72 Fingerprint Time Clock for QuickBooks


Lathem’s new CloudTouch time clocks have a user-friendly 7” LCD large touch screen display enabling employees’ to clock in and out, check their totals, change departments, add amounts, and more. Supervisors and Administrators can easily manage timekeeping requirements at the clock and with Lathem's PayClock Online employee time & attendance software. This CloudTouch time clock model captures employee time with a fingerprint reader, proximity badge scanner or using PIN code entry. CloudTouch time clocks have built-in WiFi, so data is sent in real time to your secure PayClock Online cloud-based database. Now you can access and manage employee time at Anytime, Anywhere.

Learn more about Lathem's CT72 time clock for QuickBooks.

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Badge Solutions for Effective, Simple, Reliable Time Keeping for your employees.

Lathem PC600 Proximity Time Clock for QuickBooks

Lathem's PC600 time clock is an extremely cost-effective, elegant system that is ideal for time and attendance - and QuickBooks. The sleek color touchscreen and convenient proximity clocking make this time clock a flexible solution for many businesses.

 Lathem's Payclock Version 6 & PC600 Terminal

The standard system supports 50 employees, while the expanded system accommodates up to 150 employees per device. For under $500, you'll get the QuickBooks-ready time clock, PayClock time and attendance software, cables, and mounting equipment.

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Looking to make the move to the Cloud? Want to take advantage of smart phone apps and GPS location?

Payclock Online Time and Attendance Program for Quickbooks

PayClock Online gives you the flexibility to better manage time tracking of your workforce. Easily set up your employees to clock in and out with Lathem automated time clocks. For employees that work out of the office you have the option to track their time remotely using web enabled devices like Smart phones. All your employees can view their own historical time card information and benefit time via any Internet connected device, whenever they want and without having to go a manager.


PayClock® Online gives you more flexibility and freedom to focus on the heart of your business - selling product and services to your customers. Now you have the ability to manage employee time and attendance from any location and at anytime, for fast and easy payroll processing.

All you need is a web browser and an Internet connection. With all the functionality of Lathem's desktop PayClock® software, PayClock Online now lets you capture, edit and export your workforce time & attendance data into your payroll systems such as QuickBooks when it is convenient and from anywhere, at anytime.

Learn more about Lathem's Payclock Online Software for QuickBooks

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Brand Spotlight: Acroprint Logo

Acroprint Time Clocks: Seamless Integration

Acroprint has been in the time clock industry since 1969, so they know time and attendance. As a Silver Level QuickBooks Developer, Acroprint has developed a complete line of low cost systems that integrate quickly and easily with QuickBooks.

Download Acroprint Quickbooks Setup Guide



Fingerprint Solutions for secure punching and elimination of "Buddy Punching".

Acroprint's TimeQPlus Fingerprint Time Clock For Quickbooks

Cuts payroll preparation time and eliminates clerical errors
Automatically calculates hours worked and exports to most popular payroll software and services, including QuickBooks®.


Eliminates costly buddy-punching. Employees clock in and out with a simple finger-scan, finger-scan and PIN, PIN and password or via PC-punch. Terminal can be configured to display in your choice of English, French or Spanish.
This complete solution includes: timeQplus Network software for 125 employees (expandable up to 250 employees)

Learn more about Acroprint's Fingerprint time clock for Quickbooks

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