TimeTrak TouchProESS Biometric Touchscreen Time Clock

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  • TimeTrak TouchPro ESS Biometric Time Clock
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Biometric Employee Time Clocks
New England Time Solutions

TimeTrak TouchProESS Biometric Touchscreen Time Clock

The TouchProESS biometric time clock provides fraud-proof clocking and cost effectiveness for TimeTrak time and attendance software-based systems. This biometric time clock supports many clocking methods, including magnetic stripe, barcode, proximity, camera clocking, or fingerprint scanning.

The TouchProESS biometric employee time clock eliminatee problems with lost or forgotten badges - saving you time and headaches. Your company will also save on the cost of new badges and time cards. Of course, by introducing biometric fingerprint technology to your time and attendance system, you'll also eliminate buddy punching - when employees clock in and out for each other.

The TouchProESS biometric time clock for TimeTrak time and attendance software is easy to use and offers fast clocking. Employees can enroll multiple fingers to provide an alternative if the primary fingerprint is not reading properly.

TimeTrak TouchProESS Time Clock Features

  • Choose Language Displayed at the Terminal On-Demand
  • Configurable Functions
  • Relay for Bells (Scheduled) and Doors (Transactional)
  • View Period to Date Hours
  • Poll Recovery
  • Configurable Input Devices (Keypad, Badge, Etc.)
  • View Last Punch
  • Display Message to Employee
  • View Employee Schedule
  • Automatic Daylight Savings Adjustment
  • Duplicate Punch Detection
  • Group Punch Processing
  • Date / Time Override

This biometric time clock is easily integrated in LAN or WAN networked environments. This biometric employee time clock offers intelligent networking: when communications with one server is lost, data can automatically be redirected to another available server.

You can also set the clock to automatically change configurations for online / offline modes. Even in offline mode, you can set the clock to accept transactions so no punches are missed.

TimeTrak TouchProESS Time Clock: Clocking Options

  • Fingerprint Biometrics - Top mounted Swipe type thermal sensor
  • Camera - 1.3 Megapixel
  • Magnetic Technologies Supported - ISO trak 2
  • Barcode Technologies Supported - I.R. (EAN, I2/5, C39, C128, EAN128)
  • Proximity Technologies Supported
  • RFID 125 KHz reader for 64 bit read only, EM4102 compatible tags
  • RFID LEGIC® reader for advant ISO 15693 and 14443A, and prime multi-application cards
  • RFID 13.56MHz reader, for MIFARE®, ISO 14443A/B and ISO15693 cards (UID only)
  • RFID HID for read-only 125KHz HID 26/37 bit cards (H10301, H10304, H10320)

TimeTrak TouchProESS Time Clock Specifications


TFT 7" 16:10 480x240 pixels, with touch screen.


Membrane type, dust and splash proof, 18 keys with tactile action

Internal Reader

Video Camera, Fingerprint, Magnetic ISO track 2, I.R.barcode, or proximity: 125KHz read only EM4102 comp., or HID; ISO 14443A Mifare®, LEGIC® advant and 15693.

Auxiliary Reader



2 USB host ports. 1 SD/MMC slot.

Battery Backup

1 hour autonomous usage.

Communication Ports

  • Ethernet 10/100, PoE (Power Over Ethernet) A&B compliant.
  • COM1: serial true RS232 on RJ11 (up to 115Kbps) or optocoupled RD232 on screw blocks, 4 wires (up to 9600bps) RS232.
  • COM2: serial RS485 at 57600bps or optocoupled RS232 on screw blocks.
  • Secondary Reader Connector: WiFi 802.11b/g option on SDIO or USB if device driver for Win CE 5.0 is available.


  • Output: 1 Relay max 2A 60V N.O. +N.C.
  • Output: 2 Relays max 3A 60V N.O.
  • Input: 4 Digital optocoupled - Activation: 3,5V/5mA, Imax 40mA.


64 MB Flash. 64 MB SDRAM.

Power Supply

9.56 V DC/AC

Working Temperature

14° F (-10° C) to 131° F (55° C)

Storage Temperature

-13° F (-25° C) to 131° F (55° C)


0 to 100% (not barcode)


ABS housing IP64 environmental protection. Robust, splash/dust proof casing, IP64 (except barcode version). ABS-VO fire resistant casing.


7.87 x 7.87 x 3.94" (W x H x D)
200 x 200 x 100 mm (W x H x D)


2.76 lbs. (1250 g)