Rapidprint ADN-E Time Stamp

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Rapidprint ADN-E Time Stamp

Date and Numbering Machine

This models stamps a date and number each time a document is inserted, then advances the number automatically.

Great for use when sequential numbering is required with many options available for your application. Has duplicate action, and repeat switch and code wheels. A solid-state circuitry controls both the number advance and assures consistent impressions. Solid brass type wheels provide superior imprint quality.


  • Imprints date and numbers
  • Duplicate action
  • Repeat switch and code wheels
  • Solid-state circuitry
  • Advances automatically
  • Solid brass type wheels

Popular Applications

  • Invoices
  • Court Documents
  • Purchase orders
  • Production orders
  • Insurance claims
  • Bank passbooks
  • Property documents

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