Widmer 776D Time Stamp with 6 Digit Consecutive Number

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  • Widmer 776D Time Stamp with 6 Digit Consecutive Number
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Widmer 776D Date, Time & 6 Digit Number Stamp

Time/Date Stamp with Dual Printing Heads

This model is the perfect companion for offices who need to date high volumes of documents. Simply insert your document beneath the trigger mechanism and it instantly prints.

Stamping pressure can be increased for offices that need to penetrate through multi part carbon forms. Instant heavy duty trigger operation instantly stamps the date 1-3/16" to 2" adjustable throat depth accommodates different size forms.


  • Conventional printing head with six wheels
  • consecutive, duplicate, triplicate, or quadruplicate stamping actions available
  • Any combination of number, letter, and dash wheels up to 11 wheels per head
  • Can be furnished with repeat switch or external number advanced switch
  • Guide platforms available for special print locations
  • Inscription may be above and below the time, date, and number printing line
  • Tamper-proof machine locked with key

Sample Imprints (Approximate Sizes)


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