Time & Attendance System Training

New England Time Solutions

New England Time Solutions custom tailors training programs to meet your specific needs. Comprehensive and easy to understand, our training programs provide you and your team with everything you need to know to manage and maintain your time and attendance system, time clocks, or guard tour system.

Best yet, free telephone support during business hours is included with all purchases for the first 90 days to answer any questions you may have or to help customize your system.

The most common training program features one-on-one, hands-on training intended for an administrator who will then train managers and employees how to use the products separately. Comprehensive company-wide training services are also available to ensure every employee is trained on proper use of the products.

Training is available for all of the products and services (e.g. SaaS) offered. Software, hardware, terminal communications concerns, and integration elements are all covered in our training.

At New England Time Solutions, we understand that learning how to use any new system can be a lot to take in all at once. That's why our training is typically held in two separate sessions, one immediately upon system integration and one after you have used the system for a few weeks. This provides you with the information you need to get started with the system - and, after a few weeks, provides you with a chance to answer questions you may have or tweak a setting to satisfy your preferences.

Inevitably, personnel and requirements are going to change. If your new HR manager needs training or if a new manager would like changes to the system, we can offer guidance and support to train the new manager. With our Gold Support package, any re-training such as this would be free.

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