Workforce Management Consulting Services

New England Time Solutions employs some of the most talented time and attendance professionals in the industry today. Our consultants have a minimum of 15 years in the business, with most over 40. 

Time and Attendance can be complicated, sitting down to talk over your company policies with an expert can significantly improve your weekly payroll procedure, your understanding of best practices and what is being done by other companies in your area or industry. We have been configuring time keeping programs and procedures for New England Companies since 1970, and have worked with just about every industry, organization type, government agency and union in the area.

Payroll is the number one expense for any company, the implementation of a time and attendance system, or just speaking with a consultant to determine best practices can save your organization serious money. Small changes in rounding systems or overtime rules can result in thousands of dollars in savings over the course of a year. Let our 40+ years of experience work for you.

Sample Topics covered in a typical session:

  • Pay Period Setup -Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Semi Monthly - What is most common in your industry and why.
  • Overtime - Daily, Weekly, Consecutive Day, what is common in your industry, how most systems will handle it.
  • Employee Punch Rounding - Industry Standards and Potential Liabilities.
  • Grace Periods / Wash Up Periods - Are they necessary and should your employees be paid.
  • Shift Differentials - Best practices for differential configurations, how most Time and Attendance systems will handle them.
  • Holidays - Worked Holidays, Unworked Holidays, Day Before / Day After Qualifiers, How to automate holiday payments, Part Time Employees.
  • Pay Types - Sick, Holiday, Vacation, Personal - Which does your company use, are you meeting the new state law requirements for Sick time, which types count towards overtime.
  • Schedules - Can you save time & money by implementing schedules, Paying Employees who arrive early, Rounding & Grace rules, best practices to protect your organization from Wage & Hour laws.
  • Breaks - Paid vs. Unpaid, Punched vs. Automatically Deducted, How to automate breaks and reduce the workload on your payroll staff and reduce the number of times an employee has to walk to a clock.
  • Departments - How to organize your workforce and capture data that gives you a clear picture of your labor costs. Identify areas of concern by utilizing department tracking and reporting.
  • Job Tracking - Can your organization benefit from tracking individual jobs, what systems are required for that to work.
  • Hardware Recommendations - Fingerprint, Magnetic Stripe / Barcode / Proximity Badges, Pin Code Entry, Facial Recognition, What works best in your environment and why, 
  • Buddy Punching - Is this an issue for your organization, and what can be done to stop it.
  • Payroll Exports - Interfacing employee time data directly with your payroll processor is almost always possible, find out how to save yourself time and reduce mistakes by exporting your time data directly to your payroll provider.
  • Automated Systems - Explore what is available on the market today and understand the price points of the industry standards.
  • Cloud vs. Licensed - Discuss the merits of new cloud based technology and how that can help your organization, determine if that is the right fit.

Whether you are happy with the system you have currently and just want to understand how others in your industry handle their workforce, or you think it may be time to change the way you handle time and attendance, a session with one of our consultants can give you the tools you need for either scenario.

We do of course represent a wide variety of time and attendance companies and would be happy to help match your organization with a system that met your needs, if that is what you are looking for, or we can simply help your company understand time and attendance that much better.

Book as little as an hour, or multiple sessions to give you time to discuss your options with a consultant, and then make decisions within your organization.

We are flexible and here to share the knowledge we have gained in over 40 years of time and attendance experience.

Save your organization time and money by implementing practices and systems that let you take full control of your workforce.

Sample Savings / Return on Investment:

If meeting with our consultants could effect just one change in your organization that could save only 10 minutes per employee per day, how much do you think that would save your organization over the course of a year?

For an average company of 50 employees, paying an average of $15/hr. that one change recommended by our consultants would save your organization $31,250 per year.

That is after just one change, if a one or two hour meeting could create even just 2 or 3 changes, the savings to your organization could be very significant.

Even if you are confident in your policies and just want to discuss your process for handling time and attendance and getting those hours over to payroll, our consultants can help save your payroll department a large number of hours by automating many of their tasks with time and attendance systems, and integrating those systems directly into your payroll processor.

Onsite Meeting Area:

We are a Massachusetts based company, we typically operate in all of Massachusetts & Connecticut. We are happy to work with and organize conference calls with organizations outside of our onsite meeting area.

Consulting services start at just $250.00 per session. (Price may vary depending on location and travel requirements) Contact us below for specific pricing.

Contact us to setup an appointment. 1-888-222-3396